In 2017 much happened in the smartphone market: they became frameless, they got a new aspect ratio and even more double cameras.

In 2018, smartphones with large frames around the edges of the screen will finally become obsolete. Among the numerous rumors and data leaks, you can try to identify truly important innovations and innovations that will change the world of high technologies this year. Below, 6 main trends will be described.

1. Fingerprint reader under the screen

Synaptics Clear ID FS9500The first commercial smartphone with a fingerprint scanner inside the screen should appear in the first quarter of 2018. Unfortunately, it will be a smartphone not Samsung or Apple, but a Chinese manufacturer Vivo, which sells its devices not in all countries of the world, including not in the US.

In any case, the beginning will be laid and we expect the wide spread of this technology, if it will work as intended, and this is still in question.

The first such scanner is offered by Synaptics company thanks to chip Clear ID FS9500 under the AMOLED display. He highlights the finger so that the scanner can read the reflection from it.

2. First minimized smartphone

About such mobile devices say for many years, some companies have made weak attempts, of the recent one can be called a smartphone ZTE Axon M. In a more mature form, the technology should appear closer to the end of 2018.

On the Samsung slide that came in the Internet, it’s about this term. Apparatus Samsung Galaxy W may appear then or later, in 2019, and now the South Korean manufacturer completes the technology to perfection. While Samsung has successful screens Super AMOLED with bends.

3. The first device of the augmented reality of Apple

Augmented reality of AppleRumors say that the American manufacturer is working in this direction and is going to offer something different from modern portable virtual reality devices. There will not be a full immersion in the virtual world.

While there is no certainty that Apple will release such a product, more information may appear in the course of the year. In 2019, she is allegedly going to release a head unit of augmented reality, which in the future has a chance to become no less profitable than the iPhone now.

While it is known that Apple has hired a large team of experts in the field of augmented reality. This includes specialists from the world of cinema, programmers and others. Recently it was reported that the company has already ordered displays for glasses from a Chinese manufacturer.

4. Indistinguishable from people voice assistants

Digital assistants are becoming an important part of modern smartphones, leading in this direction Google Assistant.

The new interesting development of Google allows such programs to sound the same as ordinary people. The company published an official page about this technology, it became possible due to the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

5. Smart speakers with high sound quality

In the segment of smart speakers, Amazon is leading with the Echo brand based on voice assistant Alexa. Despite this, in terms of music, these speakers do not offer anything outstanding.

In 2018, Apple can enter this market with its HomePod speaker, after which the popularity of such devices should grow.

6. The Treble project for solving the problem of Android updates

Google Pixel smartphoneIf you have an old Android smartphone, the Android version on it is probably not new. The distribution of Android updates is very slow, often does not happen at all, bugs of new versions are not always closed. If you do not have a Google Pixel smartphone or want to download a new roulette app for android that doesn’t work with older versions, the situation is unpleasant.

For many years, Google has been trying to solve this problem. The Treble project is an integral part of Android 8.0, but most smartphones that will be upgraded to this version will not get this feature. It is precisely known that it will not be on Galaxy Note, 8 and S8. This means that you will have to buy a new smartphone and hope that it will be updated for many years.

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